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Can I remove users from a sensitive case? - with integration

Generally, if a meeting participant is attached to a committee, they have access to all agendas and minutes within that committee. In other words, the meeting participant can see both open and closed points of order. In a committee, there can be a need to go through personal details or confidential documents which only certain committee members are allowed to see. In such situations, the agenda producer has the possibility to go into the individual points of order and remove the users who may not have access to the case. Users can be removed from the closed points both in published and unpublished agendas and minutes.

Remove all users from a closed point - committee with integration

  • Go to Meetings.
  • Click on the relevant agenda.
  • On the detailed agenda overview, you must scroll down to the closed point you wish to remove users from. The closed point can be recognised by the closed padlock next to it.
  • Click on the link User access and remove the tick next to the users who may not have access to the point.

Remove user from closed point

Remember, it will only be this closed point which the users you have removed will not have access to.

  • Click Close to save your changes


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