Can I sort my agenda items and appendices?

Yes you can. But you only have the option to sort the agenda items you have numbered as interger (1,2,3 ...). And if there are no category headings between the items.

How to sort your agenda items and appendices

  • you are editing a meeting
  • you made changes in the order of your items or the order of your appendices (eg. removed an item)
  • next, click on the button Sort that you find right above your agenda items
  • you now see your item numbers in correct sorted order

Below you can see an example:

1. Below you see an agenda with 5 items:

2. Now you have deleted item number 3:

3. Now you click at the button Sort on the top of your agenda items, to set the numbers in correct order again:

4. Your agenda items are now in correct order.

Examples of items numbers, where it is not possible to use the sort feature

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