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How do I create users?

Users are created under the menu Users.

An administrator can create users to the entire organization and assign them to any team. An administrator can also choose that an agenda producer is allowed to create users, but the agenda producer will only be able to create users in the team, that the agenda producer is assigned to. Before an agenda producer is capable of creating users, an administrator must grant the permission in the settings of the organization.

How to create users

  • Click on Users in the left side menu
  • Click on Register
  • Enter the new users' email address

  • The rest of the fields will now unfold. Enter the namelastname and mobile number
  • The new user now receives an email with an invitation.
  • In order to complete the creation af a login, the new user must follow the link in his/her invitation and fill in the last part.

Important: Check that the email address and mobile number for the user is correct, otherwise he/she will not receive the invitation or the SMS code, which he/she must use at first login.

User Rights Assignment

During user creation, as an administrator, you can associate users with teams, assign roles as an agenda producer or administrator, even before the user has used their email invitation.

* Administrator privilege can only be given by a user who is already an administrator. Agenda producers can not assign the right as administrator.

See how to make a user to administrator here

How to give agenda producers permission to create users

In order for the agenda producer to create new users in teams, an administrator must authorize the permission under the settings of the organization.

  • Click on Settings in the left menu
  • Find the headline Agenda Producer and activate "May agenda producers create new users".

  • Click Save

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