Text editor - how does it work?

The text editor is a tool you can use in your daily work, when you are editing a presentation. You can use it like other editors you know. Many of the buttons already look like the ones you know from Word.

You can use the editor to customize text and images in your presentation. You can make headlines, items, edit the size of your text, add tables, etc. On this page we review the text editors buttons and functions. You can also hover the icons to get a small description of what they do. Many of the well-known shortcut keys can also be used in text editor. For example "Ctrl + B" activates bold and "Ctrl + I" activates italics. You will find the list of all the icons below incl. keyboard shortcuts.

Icons description


 Cut: "Ctrl + X" - Removes and copies selected content at the same time.

 Copy: "Ctrl + C" - Make a copy of the content.

 Paste as plain text: Text that is pasted through this box will automatically have all formatting that has been on the text removed. The text is pasted as completely normal text that you can format as you want. After clicking the button, a new box will appear where you can paste your text with the shortcut "Ctrl + V".

 Paste from Word: This button should be used when you want to paste text from Word. Then the formatting from Word will automatically be converted to match the formatting in FirstAgenda. After clicking the button, a new box will appear where you can paste the text with the shortcut "Ctrl + V".

 Undo: "Ctrl + Z" undo your last action.

 Redo: "Ctrl + Y" cancels your last undo.

 Tables: Adds a table in your presentation. When you click on the button, a new box will appear where you can select the number of rows and columns you would like to have in your table, just as you know it from Word.

 Insert horizontal line: Inserts a horizontal line on the page. Can be used to separate sections and text in the document.

 Add symbol: Insert symbols such as ¼, &, © or other special characters that is not found on the keyboard.

 Formatting: Format the text according to predetermined formatting. Select the text you want to format and choose between headlines, normal text etc.

 Bold: "Ctrl + B" - makes the text bold.

 Italic: "Ctrl + I" - makes the text italic.

 Underline: "Ctrl + U" - makes the text underlined.

 Strikeout: Makes the text with strikethrough.

 Remove Formatting: Removes all formatting on the text.

 Numbered list: Makes your text into a numbered list.

 Bullets: Makes your text into a list of bullets.

 Decrease Indent: Reduces the margin to the edge of the document.

 Increase Indent: Increases the margin to the edge of the document.

 Insert / edit link: Makes the text to a link.

 Remove link: Removes the link from your text.

 Maximize: By clicking this buttion, you can maximize the text box so that you can write your content in full screen.

 Delete content: Here you can delete all the content you have written or copied into the text editor.


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