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How to add users in multiple organisations

If your organisation has more than one FirstAgenda organisation, it is easy to add new users to the extra FirstAgenda organisation, by using the function Attach users to organisation. The only condition for doing this is, that your organisation has been registered under the same unit beforehand, and that the user you are adding already exists in one of the existing organisations. Contact us to Register your organisations under the same unit.

By adding users to your organisation, you, as administrator, are free from having to repeat the creation process for every user in each organisation. And for the users it is much easier because they will automatically be activated in the different organizations, the moment the administrator associates the user with a new organization. The meeting participants therefore avoid having to go through the registration process multiple times.

Important: Users must be created in at least one organisation to be attached to a second organisation.

How to add a user to another organisation

  • Choose the organisation in which you wish to create a user.
  • Go to the User menu
  • Click on the button Attach user to organisation.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the user you wish to attach.
  • Choose the user who should have access to the organisation and click on the link Attach user to organisation

  • The user is now attached and will receive a welcome mail sayign that he/she now has access to the organisation.

The next time the user logs on to FirstAgenda, they will be able to find the organisation in the lefthand menu of their iPad. On the web, the organisation needs to be chosen from the drop down list in the top left corner.

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