How to set up automatic substitute flow?

With automatic substitute flow, you have the option of FirstAgenda Live automatically calling in the right substitutes if a meeting participant has canceled or is absent.

This setup makes the substitute flow easy and efficient and you don't have to keep track of the process, as FirstAgenda Live does it for you

How to automatically set up substitute flow

In order to be able to do the setup, it is important that the parties have already been created and the users imported from FirstAgenda Prepare. If this has not yet been done, you can read more here:


Here's how to do it

  1. Click on Settings and then Organization settings

Organization Settings under settings in the left menu


  1. From here, click on Substitute flow.
Substitute flow-button in the left menu


  1. You will now be greeted with the page below where you need to turn the slider from gray to orange to enable "Use Substitute Flow".

Til/fra-knap til automatisk indkaldelse

The feature is now enabled and you must now turn it on for the committees where you wish to use substitute flow.