How to add a substitute manually?

If a meeting participant has missed the meeting and has already informed you that his/her substitute member, or you know who to call in, you can quickly add the substitute member to the meeting.

How to select a substitute manually

  • Click on the current meeting in FirstAgendaLive.
  • On the Information page, all due dates will appear, as shown in the picture below.
Overview of meeting cancellations


  • Now click on the person with the status message: Awaiting action
  • You will now be presented with three options: Automatic, Manual and None
Manual button to select a substitute manually


  • When you choose Manual, you will therefore be asked to go in yourself and select the substitute.
  • You will have the opportunity to search for people who are active in the organisation, but who are not members of the committee and are already attending the meeting. The substitute can be elected regardless of which party he or she is a member of.
Overview of substitiutes who can be elected
  • Click on the desired substitute member and remember to click on Add substitute.
  • You have thus ensured that you find the substitute manually and added him or her to the meeting.
During the cancellation, it will appear who has been chosen as deputy


  • The substitute will now receive an e-mail with a meeting notice for the meeting in which he/she is expected to attend.