How do I get an overview of the substitute flow?

It can often be difficult to form an overview of who has canceled a meeting and who will take their place.

Fortunately, FirstAgenda Live has solved this in a simple and clear way. Watch here.

Get a quick overview

For each meeting you can see:

  • Which members have canceled and the reason for this.
  • Who will be called in instead.
  • Status of the calls.
  • You will find an overview of cancellations by clicking on the desired meeting and under Information in the left menu.
Information in the left menu during meetings

What does the colors mean?

  • The cancellations that are in the meeting can be displayed with either a green, yellow or red color as shown below.
Overview of meeting information with information about cancellations


  • If the meeting participant has a green color, it means that a substitute has been found or that it has been assessed that a substitute should not be used.
  • The substitute can be found automatically or manually. Or it could be that "no use of substitute" has been selected.



  • The yellow color will appear if the automatic substitute flow is activated for the party and FirstAgenda Live is in the process of finding a substitute.
  • If you would like to learn how to use automatic substitute flow, click here.


  • If the meeting participant who has canceled is marked with a red color, then no solution has been found for the cancellation.
  • A new substitute has neither been called nor has it been chosen that there is no need for a substitute. You must therefore either go to the meeting participant and switch on automatic substitute flow, manually select a substitute or choose not to use a substitute.