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What does offline passcode mean?

The first time you download an agenda available for offline, you have to create a 4-digit offline passcode. You need this passcode if you want to log on to FirstAgenda while the app is in offline mode or the iPad is in flight mode.

How to create your 4-digit offline passcode:

First you must download an agenda to be available offline:

  • Choose the agenda or minute that you want to read when you are offline
  • On the front of the meeting, click the orange button "Download" in the bottom right corner

  • Set the 'slider' to blue in the "Available offline" button

  • then a dialog box will appear that asks you to create a self-selected 4-digit code.

  • your code will be automatically saved when you have entered it and your agenda will then be available offline
  • you must then use the code, if you log into the app while it is in offline mode or if you put the iPad in flight mode
  • when you log into the app while it is in offline mode, the dialog box looks as follows:

Note: Be sure to create a code that you can remember. You may optionally use the 4-digit password you use for your iPad. Read about what to do if you forget your offline code.

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