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How do I edit my user profile?

It is only possible to edit your user profile through the FirstAgenda web version.

It is important that your information is correct - especially your email address and your mobile number, which you will need if you forget your password.

How to edit your uder profile

  • Log in via
  • Click your username at the top right corner and select "Settings"
  • Select the item you want edit. Remember to click "Save" to save the changes.

What you can change on your user profile

Email (Personal)
It is important that your private email address is registered correctly so that an email can be sent to you if you forget your password.

Mobile Phone
When changing passwords, an SMS code is sent to this mobile number. Make sure the number is registered correctly.

Choose your language
The language you choose here will be the language in which FirstAgenda is translated into the web version. You can choose between Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German or English.

If you want to change the language in the FirstAgenda app, you can see how to do this on Apple's homepage. How to change language on your iPad.
Note that it is at user level that you choose a language. If it is on an organisational level the language should be changed, this must be done by the administrator under the menu "Organisation" in the administrative part of FirstAgenda.

Here, you can choose if you wish to be notified by email if somebody has shared a comment with you and every time an agenda is ready to be read in FirstAgenda. Note that the email notification will be sent to your work email; that means the mail address which is listed under "Email (work)".

​If you want to change your work email for the organization, contact an administrator.

If you have not already added a picture, we recommend that you do so. Your profile picture will be shown in the comment overview, so that others can quickly see which comments you have shared with them.

Note: The image must not exceed 5 MB

Change password
You can quickly change your password if you are not satisfied with the one you have. See how to change your password.

Other informations

Support email
Here you can see information details of the administrators in your organization. They can help you if you have questions about FirstAgenda.

All other settings under your user profile can administrator "turn on" for you, so for example, if you want to change your name, contact one of the administrators of FirstAgenda in your organization. 

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