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Can I see appendices in full screen?

How to show documents in full screen

Learn how to view full-screen documents via web and iPad. In full screen, you can use both the comments and highlighting functions.


  • Choose a document to be displayed in full screen.
  • Press the icon  in the top of the document

  • Select whether the document should be displayed vertically or horizontally via the buttons at the top left

  • Click the red cross in the right corner to close the full screen view again.

Note: In the web version, you can also get a full screen view by clicking on the PDF link on the right side. Note that your comments and highlighting is not saved in FirstAgenda if you use the PDF view in the web version.


  • Select the document to be displayed in full screen
  • Touch the black list icon at the top left of the bell to see the document in full screen.

  • Touch the list icon again to return to normal view
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