How do I disqualify an attendee?

How to make a Disqualification assessment

  • Click on the meeting and find the agenda item where you want to make a disqualification assessment

  • Please click on the three dots to the right and choose Disqualification assessment

  • You can write a note about the disqualification and potentially add a substitute to the attendee
  • Next, click Apply for disqualification in the bottom

  • While the disqualification assessment is in progress the attendee will be marked under Disqualification assessment in the top of the page

  • Internally, when the disqualification assessment has been made you can go to the agenda item again and click on the three dots next to the attendee.
  • Here you can either reject the assessment by clicking Decline or disqualify the attendee by clicking Disqualify participant

  • If you disqualify a participant, he will no longer have access to the item and can therefore not add suggestions or propositions, vote or add himself to the speaker list.
  • If you decline the participant will not be disqualified and will still have access to the item.
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