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How do I delete a user?

Please consider if you want to delete the user or just deactivate the user. 
A deactivated user will no longer have access to login and read agendas and minutes in an organisation but it is possible to find the deactivated user from the list “Show inactive users” and reactivate the user if they need access to the organisation again.  
If you delete a user it will not be possible to reactivate it again. The user is deleted permanently in the organisation and if the user needs to get access again you have to create a new user.  

How to deactive a user

  • Click "Users" in the left side menu
  • Click on the user you want to deactivate
  • Scroll down to the "Settings" section and click the "Active" slider to off
  • Click "Save"



The user is now deactivated. If you wish to reactivate a deactivated user go to the list “Show inactive users” in the top right corner on the "User" site.  


Please note: A user must be deactivated before it is possible to delete a user. 

  • Click “Users” in the left side menu
  • Click “Show inactive users” 
  • Click “Delete” next to the user(s) you want to delete

The user is now deleted.  

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