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Alternative ways to create a minute

If you want to create a minute for your agenda, you have the following options:

Add decision

You have the option to add a minute to an agenda via the function Add decision on each item. If you want to make a minute in the meeting creation, you have the following two options:


  • You can create a new item in your agenda and name it Minute. See here how to create an agenda item. You can use this method, if you would like an overall minute of the meeting. Remember to have the newly created point at the bottom, so you do not change the point of order in your agenda.
  • Alternatively, you can set the minute as the first point in your next agenda.


  • You can attach the minute as an appendix to each item. See here how to add an appendix.
  • You can upload a new document on each item containing the minute (if you do this, your meeting participants will lose their comments on the content)
  • You can write a new content on each item containing a minute (if you do this, your meeting participants will lose their comments on the content)

If you want to upload a new document or write a new content on a document you can find instructions here.

Note: If you use this option to create a minute, you must be very aware that when you replace your main document either uploading a new document or by writing new content, your meeting participants will lose their markings and highlights and their comments will no longer be visible on the main document, but only in the comment overview.

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