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How do I add / remove team members from an ongoing conversation?

When you share comments with other team members, you have the opportunity to add team members who did not participate in the conversation from the beginning. It's a quick way to involve another team member in a discussion / talk.

Similarly, you can also temporarily remove a team member from a conversation.

Note: When you add a member, they will only be added to the current conversation. The next time you want to create a new shared comment with the group, the team member will not appear. If you want to add the team member permanently to the group, you need to start a whole new group conversation.

To add / remove a team member from a group conversation

  • Open an existing conversation in a document
  • iPad: click on the orange plus icon 
  • Web: click on "Add / Remove participants")

  • Select the team member you want to add / remove. In this example we have chosen to add "Søren Kyd" to the conversation

  • iPad: Click the orange arrow to save 
  • Web: Click "Save changes" to save

You have now added / removed a team member in the conversation.

Important to know when adding or removing team members:

  • When a member of the team has been added to a conversation, he or she will be able to read ALL shared comments written in the conversation.
  • When a team member is removed from a conversation, the user is excluded from the conversation immediately
  • All team members can see when a new team member is added or removed and who has added / removed the member
  • All team members can add / remove team members in conversations
  • Added team members will NOT be added permanently. So next time you start a conversation with the group, the member will not be there
  • Removed team members are NOT permanently removed from the group call. So next time you start a conversation with the group, the member will still be there
  • To add or remove a member of the team permanently, you must create a completely new group conversation where you add / leave out the team member from the start
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