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How do I change my 4-digit offline passcode?

You can only change your 4-digit offline code if the app is online and the iPad is not in flight mode.

How to change your 4-digit offline passcode:

  • Log into the FirstAgenda app
  • Go into the frontpage of a meeting
  • Press the "Download" button in the bottom right corner 
  • Click "Change offline passcode"

  • Enter your new offline passcode. It will be saved automatically when you are finished entering

Note: If you have set your FirstAgenda app to offline mode (within the app) and you log out and then forgets your 4-digit offline code, you have to reinstall the app for changing your offline-code. You can find instructions for reinstalling the app here. After you reinstall your app, you can log in with your FirstAgenda login and then change your 4-digit offline code. If you set the iPad itself in flight mode and you have forgotten your offline code, then turn flight mode off and follow the instructions above.

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