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How do I get an overview of my highlights, notes and shared comments?

You have two options to get an overview:

  • The Overview - presents all your notes and shared comments of the agenda item
  • The Thumbnail overview - showing you on which pages in the document you have created your highligths, notes and shared comments.


overview - notes and shared comments

The overview can be found on every item in the agenda. If you have any notes or shared comments on an item, then a small orange counter icon indicates the number of shared comments and notes on the item.

To get an overview of your notes and shared comments on the agenda item, click on the button Overview in the left side menu.

  • Click at the Note button, to see your saved notes

  • Click at the Shared comments, to see your comments

Note: Is there a note or a shared comment? This may be because the item has been deleted. See more here: Why can not I see my note or shared comment?

Thumbnail overview

The thumbnail shows an overview of all the pages of an agenda. Here you can get a quick overview of what pages in a document the you've created your notes and markings on.

 Markings and highlights appear as an orange pencil icon

 Notes appear as an orange note icon

 Shared comments appear as an orange comment icon

Bookmarks appear as an orange bookmark-icon


How to find the thumbnail overview

  • Go to an item in an agenda or minutes
  • Press the small table icon in the top of the screen 
  • A new window will appear where you can see an overview of your notes, comments, highlights, and bookmarks. Click on one of the pages in the page view to go to the page.



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