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Download decisions as a compiled minutes document

If you, as an agenda producer or meeting facilitator, have made decisions for the agenda items of the meeting, you might need to compile all decisions into one single document. You might need the compiled minutes for archiving or for sending to stakeholders who were not at the meeting.

Please note that the compiled meeting minutes are only available for download for meetings that have been created in FirstAgenda. Agendas that have been transferred from an external DMS do not have this function.

See an example of meeting minutes

click here to download an example of meeting minutes from FirstAgenda

How to download the compiled minutes as a PDF document

  • click on “Read agendas” in the left corner
  • go to a meeting with decisions and make sure that all decisions have been released
  • click on the button “Download as PDF

You have now downloaded all your decisions in a compiled PDF.

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