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How do I create a note?

You can make notes to main documents and appendices in an agenda. Your notes can be seen in the main document or the appendix but also in the overview of notes. Your notes are personal and can only be seen by you, but it is also possible for you to share them with others.

How to make notes on ipad:

  • Choose a main document or an appendix
  • Hold your finger down on the screen
  • Slide your finger up to icon for notes
  • Write a note in the text field in the top left and press on the cross.

If you want to note on a note which others have shared with you, open the note by clicking on the blue speech bubble. Click on + at the top and write, save and share in the same way as you would if you wrote the original note yourself.


  • select your main document or an appendix
  • click with the mouse on the location in the text, where you would like to make a note
  • in the left menu a text box will appear, in which you can write your note
  • once you have written your note, click Save

Note: The notes are personal and can not be shared with others. If you still want to share your note, you need to create a shared comment, by copying your text and start a shared comment.

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