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How do I approve meeting minutes?

How to approve meeting minutes

When, for example, a political meeting or a board meeting is over, you must as a meeting participant, approve the decisions that is made at the meeting. Normally, the meeting participants will aprove the mine by signing a physical signature sheet. But it can also be done with a single click on the Approve button in FirstAgenda. See below how.

  • Log in to FirstAgenda
  • Go to the front of the meeting, which contains the agenda item at which you approve the entire minute. It's easy to see which item you are set to approve as it is marked with an orange icon.
  • Click on the item with the orange icon - in the example below there has been uploaded a "Signature page" to the item, but it could also be something else like.

  • Click Approval required

  • Click Approve for final approval

The minute have now been approved and the button has changed color to green with the text "Approved". If you click on the Approved given button, you can see the time when you submitted your approval.

Info: If you have approved a minute by mistake or want to undo an approval, contact the agenda collector for the team.

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