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I can't log in with my AD-login

If you receive a fail message when logging in to FirstAgenda you first need to contact the administrator in your organisation

Do not forget to take a screenshot of the error you find when logging in, thereby the administrator in your organisation will be better equipt to help you. 

It can be due to several reasons that you can not log in with your AD-login, but in all error scenarios it is the administrator from your organisation that will be able to help you out. 

example of error scenarios:

  • Your user has not been placed in the correct AD-group
  • You are registered with the wrong mail in FirstAgenda or the AD
  • You have typed in the wrong password for your AD-login
  • Your organisation has recently changed to AD-login when using FirstAgenda and you accidentally logged in with your FirstAgenda username instead of your AD-mail. Try again with your AD-mail + AD-password.
  • Etc.
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