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Can I use my AD-mail as username in a different organisation?

The short answer is: "No".

If you have access to FirstAgenda in an AD-organisation then you use your AD-mail to log in. However, if you afterwards get invited to a different oranisation - e.g. a board then you might receive the invitation in your AD-mail, but you can not use your AD-mail as username. This is because the AD-mail is "reserved" for your AD-organisation. Therefore, you have to set up a username for a different email address - e.g. by using Gmail.

In the future you will therefore have two different logins (= two different users) to FirstAgenda:

  • Your AD-login (AD-mail) when you log in to your AD-organisation
  • Your FirstAgenda-login when you log in to other organisations (boards in the example above)
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