Why has an error occurred in one or more files?

If you experience a RED error on a file after processing an agenda or a minute, it may be due to one of the following scenarios:

  • The file is damaged
  • The file is missing
  • We do not handle the file format
  • The file is saved with macros (excel)
  • The file is saved as "read-only"

​The file is damaged:

We have received a damaged file. If you take the file down to the desktop and you can not open it, then FirstAgenda will not be able to load the file. Find out what is wrong with the file, then try loading the agenda again.

The file contains many layers

In some cases, FirstAgenda may also perceive a file with damaged layers. Typically, those files are heavy architectural files. In this case, either use the FoxitReader application to save the file as a PDF file, or you can use a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to merge the layers into one layer. Then re-process the meeting.

​The file is missing:

We are missing some of the files. The reason may be that we never received the file from your DMS in the first place. You must check your agenda in the DMS system or contact your IT manager, to see if the file is stuck in the source folder. The source folder is the folder where the agenda is placed, until it is transferred to FirstAgenda.

We can not handle the file format

The file has a format that we cannot handle. If the file does not have an approved format, you will need to change the format and republish the agenda. See which formats we can handle in First Agenda.​

The file is saved with macros (excel)

A macro is an automation of frequent commands/features typically stored in Excel sheets that can be played when you need to perform a task. Excel sheets saved with macros can not be handled in FirstAgenda. You must therefore disable the macros in the excel sheet before saving the excel-document. Or you can save the file as a PDF instead. Then upload the file again and re-publish.

The file is saved ad "read-only"

Are the documents read-only, it can not be processed in FirstAgenda. Save the document again without writing protection and upload to FirstAgenda. Alternatively, you can also save the document as a PDF and upload again. Then re-publish the meeting.

If the file is still red, feel free to contact FirstAgenda support.

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