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What happens to notes, shared comments and highlights when re-publishing a meeting?

The item has not changed location:

The item number and the location of the item are the same, but the item has been added text, changed a headline or other small sentences:

  • The notes and comments are retained both in the document and in the overview
  • Highlights are retained in the document both in the document and in the overview but disappear briefly when the agenda is in unpublished state - as soon as the agenda is released, the highlight will be displayed again.

The item has changed location:

The item has been moved up or down in the agenda so it no longer appears in the same location where it was originally created:

  • Notes, shared comments and highlights may disappear. It completely depends on the DMS system. Notes and shared comments are stored against the items unique item ID, that are automatically generated in the DMS system. In most cases, the unique ID follows the item, if the item is moved, so notes and shared comments are retained and displayed at the items's new location. However, in some DMS systems, items get new IDs if they are moved up or down. And if the item ID is replaced with another ID, the item is considered deleted and replaced by a new one. In that case, we can not keep notes or comments. Neither as historical in the "Overview".
  • In other cases, notes and comments will be retained on the original location of the item if there is no unique item ID on the item.

The item has been deleted:

If an item has been deleted, we have no way of saving your note, comment or highlight and they will therefore be deleted.

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