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How do I highlight?

By using the highlight tool in FirstAgenda, you can draw and highlight the parts of a text you want. Note that what you highlight is personal and cannot be shared with others.

How to create highlights:

  • Choose the main document or the appendix you wish to make highlights in.
  • iPad: At the bottom of the screen you will find the highlight tool
  • Web: Left-click in a document and select the highlight icon
  • A bar displays at the bottom of the page. Here you can choose between 3 highlighters (red, yellow and green), two pens in the colors blue and red, and an eraser (iPad). Tap the color you want to draw or highlight with. 
  • Create a drawing or highligh by drawing on the screen.
  • The highlights are saved automatically. Click on the same color you selected to exit the highlight function.


If you want to delete a highlight, please read: How do I delete highlights?

Tip for web: How to create straight highlights

Select a color to make highlights and hold down "shift" while drawing. Now you have made a straight line!
Please note that this feature is not available on iPad.

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