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Can I share comments in "other committees"?

Basically, it is not possible to share comments in "Other committees". That means committees you are not a member of. The "Share Comment" feature can not be selected at a meeting in the committees.

However, with an option enabled for the organization, it is possible for non-members to start a shared comment with members in other committees. An administrator can contact us at to get this option activated. Keep in mind that the setting will be activated in all committees throughout the organization.

How to share a comment In "Other committees"

  • Choose a committee under "Other committees" in the leftside navigation
  • Then you start a shared comment - just like if you do in your own committees. See how to start sharing comments
  • The committee member you have shared a comment with, can reply to your comment (but they can not start a new comment with you, because you are not a member of the committee)

Why enable this feature?

You need to consider if you think this feature makes sense for you. As "share comments" works today, it is very easy to understand that only members of the committees can chat with each other. When this feature is enabled, it becomes a bit more unclear who can write to who. But the function makes sense if non-members need to comment on topics raised in a committee they are not a part of. It could be alternates, employees or others who are not included in the committee but who must follow in the cases that are being considered at the meeting.

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