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Meeting template – how do I make a copy of a previous meeting?

If you create a lot of the same meetings in a Communitee, with many of the same items, it is now possible to make a copy of the items from a previous meeting. 

How to make a copy:

  • Go to the "Meetings" overview
  • Click on the button "Create new meeting"
  • Select a previous meeting you want to make a copy of, in the "Meeting template" drop down box

If you don't want to make a copy of a previous meeting, simply let the list stay on "No template".

  • When you have entered all of the meeting's master data and clicked "Save", you will on the next side, with the establishment of the agenda, see all the items from the previous meeting you chosed to make a copy from.

Note: it is only the items and not the content that is copied from the earlier meeting.

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