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What can an Agenda Producer do?

The agenda producer in Prepare primarily publishes agendas and minutes for the committees they are responsible for. The agenda producer can however also do a range of other things in Prepare. See the list below:

  • Publish agendas and minutes.
  • Create meetings*
  • Add agenda items*
  • Add attachments*
  • Add decisions*
  • Remove meeting participants from particularly confidential items.
  • Read unpublished agendas.
  • Give meeting participants the right to read unpublished agendas.
  • Notify meeting participants of published agendas and minutes.
  • Edit a committee (closed/open committee).

* apply to manually created meetings in Prepare.

Additional rights

An agenda producer can also manage users within their own committees. This is an additional option that must be activated by an administrator of the organization. Read more in the bottom of this article: How do I create users?

  • Create users within their own committees.
  • Edit meeting participants' profiles within their own committee.
  • Get an overview of a meeting participant's status (e.g. if a password needs to be changed).

Keep in mind: that agenda producers can only see the committees that he / she has linked to their profile.

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