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Can I change the name of a committee?

Yes you can. This is done in two different ways, depending on whether you have DMS integration or not.

How to change the name of the committee with DMS integration:

If you are using committees with integration in Prepare, you must change the name of the committee in your DMS. Then, the name will automatically be changed in Prepare, next time you publich an agenda from the DMS system.

It's important, that you change the name in your DMS system, and not in Prepare. Otherwise the name will automaticly be changed back to the old name from the DMS system, after an agenda transfer.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the Source ID on the committee in the DMS system is identical to the committee in Prepare. Otherwise you will risk to change the name of a different committee or create a brand new committee in Prepare.

How to change a committee name without integration:

  • Go into the menu Committee
  • Click on the committee name you wish to change.
  • Write the new name in the Name field and click Save.

Change the name of the committee


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