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What can the FirstAgenda Publishing module do?

With the FirstAgenda Publishing module, your municipality or organisation can transfer agendas or minutes to an internal or external homepage easily and quickly. In this way you can ensure that citizens are informed and updated in the municipal debate. In FirstAgenda, you choose which teams should be presented on your homepage and whether titles and decisions should be made public in the closed points.

showing agendas on a homepage

Agendas can be presented as HTML - in other words, without any form of styling or design. You can also choose a third party to integrate data into your homepage so that the llok and feel match the overall design of the homepage, which makes it easier for citizens to find the right agenda.

See examples of when a third party has been involved in integrating data into a homepage:
Vejen Kommune

How you purchase the first agenda publishing module

The Publishing module is an additional purchase for FirstAgenda. Contact the FirstAgenda Team by phone or mail for information about the price and how to activate the module.


You will be sent a demo folder which contains examples of the folder structure and the agenda data you get with the help of the Publishing module's download client.

easy to install

With just a few clicks and less than an hour, you can install a download client, configure a schedule task and start publishing.

Read the step-by-step guide for installing the Publishing module's download client

installation requirements

  • Installation of the Download-klient on a Windows pc.
  • Opening of port 443 for outgoing traffic.
  • Installation of .Net Framework 4.5. - or a newer version
  • Login to First Agenda with administration rights.

viewing titles and decisions in closed points

Within certain teams, you are required by law to publish titles and decisions in closed points. You can therefore log on to FirstAgenda with a user who has administration rights and choose in which team titles in closed points should be made public - and also the decisions which belong to these points.

Read more about how an administrator configures and Publishing module in FirstAgenda.

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