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What is an PDF-module?

The Prepare PDF module is used to export agendas and minutes from Prepare in PDF format. The export function is relevant if you need to archive agendas and minutes which are created in Prepare. The function can also be used if one of the meeting participants wishes to have the agenda sent by mail.

How does the PDF module worK?

When you have activated the module in your organisation, all agenda collectors in the organisation will be able to the see menu item PDF module. Under this point, you choose the agenda(s) and minutes which you wish to retieve from Prepare. Once you have started the exportation, you will recieve a mail as soon as the PDF is ready for you in Prepare. After this, you should click on the PDF link in Prepare to download the file to your PC or wherever you want to save it.

The PDF presentation is not identical when viewed online or iPad, but all the content is retained - with the exception of comments and annotations.

How to activate the pdf module

The module can be purchased for Prepare. Contact The FirstAgenda Team for a price and get the function activated.


You naturally have the opportunity to test the product before you buy. Contact us if you are interested in trying out the PDF module.

Once we have activated the module, a new menu point will be visible in Prepare: PDF module.

All agenda collectors will have access to this new area, but you only have the possibility to export agendas in the committees you are responsible for.


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