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How do I export an agenda?

The following walk-through shows you how to retrieve agendas and minutes from FirstAgenda.

  • log in to
  • Click at PDF module
  • Put a tick next to the agendas or minutes you want to retrieve from FirstAgenda. Note that you can only see agendas from the teams you are responsible for.
  • Choose if you want to attach your appendices.
  • Choose if the appendices should be attached after each item (the appendices would otherwise be attached i the end of the agenda/minute).
  • Choose if you want to attach decisions (applies only to meetings created manually in FirstAgenda).
  • Click Create PDF.

  • The spinning circle shows that the export is in progress.
  • Once the export is finished, you will receive a mail notification. Click on the link in the mail.
  • Before you can view the PDF, you must log in to First Agenda to identify yourself. If you do not want to wait for the mail, you also have the possibility of pressing F5 when you are on the PDF-module page of FirstAgenda. If the PDF is ready, the spinning circle will change to green. 
  • Click "Download PDF
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