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What can I do with the FirstAgenda integration API?

With the FirstAgenda integration API, you have the opportunity to fetch open data from FirstAgenda, which, as an example, makes it possible to show agendas and minutes on your website in an easy and safe way. With the help of different endpoints, you can choose yourselves which data are relevant for you and how you want to present them.

Show agendas and minutes on your website

With the FirstAgenda integration API, you can make sure that the citizens are keeping informed and up to date with the local debate. You choose yourselves which teams should be presented on your website, and if titles and decisions on closed items should be made public. Note that all closed material does not get through the integration API, meaning that closed teams and closed meetings can not be shown on your website.

Data will be shown in JSON-format or PDFs (main documents) and PDFs (appendices).


  • Faster access to data for the citizens
  • You don’t need a download client
  • You don’t need to store data physically on a server
  • Easier integration to websites and intranet
  • Data can be fetched across organizations
  • Archived teams can also be shown

See the integration API endpoints


How to activate the integration API

Contact FirstAgenda at for more info about how you can get the API activated.

Showing title and decision on closed items

Within certain teams, you are legally obliged to make public any titles and decisions on closed items. For that reason, you can log on to FirstAgenda with a user with administrative rights and select a team, from which titles for closed items should be made public - and if necessary, also the decisions on these closed items.

Read about how administrators make changes to the integration API in FirstAgenda.

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