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Integration API - what settings are available?

How to find settings for the integration API

  • log in to FirstAgenda as administrator
  • click on the Integration API in the left navigation menu

Publishing, start date

Next to the box Publishing, start date, you start by selecting the date from which the agendas should be made public from FirstAgenda. Click on Save to save the date.

Add or remove teams to the website

Click on “Edit” to add the teams that you wish should present agendas on your website. Titles on closed items are by default not visible, but will only be shown with the title “Closed item”. If you want closed titles shown on the website, you need to tick under the column “Show title for closed item”. Also tick the box under “Show decision on closed item”  if the decision on the closed item should be available on your website.

Note: closed items’ contents (main document and appendices) will not be shown on the website.

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