FirstAgenda - Quick Start Guide

FirstAgenda - Quick start guide

Step by step

To get the best experience and the greatest benefit from FirstAgenda, we recommend that you spend five minutes watching our presentation video that comes about all of the primary features of the app. See it here:

1. Download the app in App Store 

In the App Store or Google Play, search for the name "FirstAgenda".

If you don't have an iPhone or Android phone, you can also use the online web version of FirstAgenda:

2. Login with your Office 365 account or create a user

You can sign in to FirstAgenda if you have an Office 365 account (Cloud-version). Or, you can simply synchronize your mobile calendar by creating a new user.

3. Overview of your meetings

After you log in to the app, your meetings will automatically populate in the app. If you can't see a meeting, you can update the meeting queue by using the "Refresh" button. You also have the opportunity to search for meetings via the search function.

4. Use of assistant during your meeting

FirstAgenda automates and streamlines the process of writing minutes and helps maintain information produced at meetings. Through innovative speech recognition and machine learning, we provide a summary of key words from the meeting. This allows you to easily search the meeting's audio file to find exactly what you need, in a moment's notice.

Recording meetings 

When using FirstAgenda to record meetings, we recommend inviting as many participants as possible to download the app and use it during the meeting. The more people using FirstAgenda, the better the outcome.


Our "Bookmark" feature allows you to select specific times in the meeting - both during and after the meeting - so you can always find the discussions that were of most interest to you.

Bookmarks are personal and can be easily deleted. If you want to add a bookmark during the meeting, it's a prerequisite that you have enabled recording.

Add decisions, tasks and notes

During the meeting you can add decisions, assign tasks to meeting participants or add notes to yourself. The notes are personal and can only be seen by you, while everyone at the meeting can see tasks and decisions. It's possible to both dictate (speak) or enter the words using the keyboard.

Add photos

Add photos to the meeting using the camera feature.

5. Receive your audio minutes after the meeting

Approximately half an hour after the meeting is ended + the time of the meeting, all meeting participants will receive an email with an overview of the meeting's decisions, tasks and pictures. The meeting participants who use FirstAgenda can open the minutes in the app or on the web. 

6. after the meeting

After the meeting, people who used FirstAgenda can view and work with the meeting's content.
They have no excuse not to execute exactly the tasks agreed during the meeting. FirstAgenda dissolves misunderstandings and amplifies the ability to perform the tasks correctly - the first time.

7. Good measurement

FirstAgenda wishes you a great meeting!

Nice to know

We have many cool new features on our way to FirstAgenda! Stay updated via our blog or social media:


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