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How do I make agendas available for offline use?

  • Log on to First Agenda's app.
  • Choose the agenda or minutes you want to be able to read when you are offline.
  • On the front page of the agenda or minutes, you must click on the bordeaux downward arrow in the bottom right corner.
  • Set the slider in the dialogue box to green, "available offline". There will be a moment before your agenda is downloaded to your iPad. The time it takes to download depends on the size of the agenda.

The agenda is available offline

  • Click Ok in the dialogue box "Download complete".


Your agenda can now be read offline. The bordeaux arrow has changed colour to green  to indicate that the agenda has been downloaded to your iPad.

In the lefthand menu, it shows which agendas you can read in offline mode. Look for the small, green downward arrow next to the agendas. See also the picture below.

Agendas available offline

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