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How do I vote for an agenda item?

How do i vote for an agenda item?

When the function "allow voting" is activated for the item, you can submit your vote digitally. This applies when voting for a suggestion, a case, readings, or anything that requires a decision. 

How to vote digitally

  • Select the item from the agenda where you are supposed to vote
  • In the top of the left side menu the grey voting buttons will be visible
  • Click on either ForAgainst, or Abstain
  • You can see your choice as the button you have clicked will turn green
  • Your vote will appear in the common voting result that the agenda producer can download as a PDF







If you have accidentally selected the wrong one, simply click on one of the other options.

If you are going to vote for several suggestions in one reading, then the agenda poducer needs to download the PDF before another vote takes place. In the PDF with the results from the votings, the agenda producer will be able to distinguish the different votings by their different timestamps.

NB If you can not see the voting buttons for the agenda item you need to vote for, it is because you do not have the title as Eeam Member or Extra Member. Please contact the mediator or the agenda producer, so they can change your title. 

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