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Where is the print button?

There is no print button in FirstAgenda.

We believe that FirstAgenda is a digital meeting system and that one of the purposes of this is that it should reduce the cost of printing and delivering of paper.

We have sometimes received inquiries from customers who want a print button, but in time these have ebbed out. Our experience is that users are happy with the simplicity of being able to just put their iPad in their bag when they are on their way to a meeting instead of having to carry piles of paper.

But if I need to print something out...

You can always use the web version via

  • Log on to FirstAgenda.
  • Click on the attachment or case document you wish to print.
  • Click on the PDF link to the right.

  • Use the print function in the PDF programme.

Repeat the process for each document you want to print.

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