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How to reinstall FirstAgenda on iPad

To reinstall the app, you must first delete your current installation of the app.

How TO DELETE FirstAgenda from your iPad:

  • Hold your finger down on the FirstAgenda app
  • After about 2 seconds, the app will start to shake
  • Delete the app by clicking on the small "x" in the corner of the FirstAgenda app

Once you've deleted the app, you must find App Store on your iPad to reinstall the app again.


  • Tap the App Store icon on your iPad
  • Use the search function in the upper right corner - search for "Prepare by FirstAgenda"
  • Press the small cloud with the arrow. It now starts to download the FirstAgenda app
  • When the installation is complete, press the "Open" button to open the app instantly

Note: you must have an Apple ID to download app's in App Store. If you are not logged in to App Store, you will be prompted for login information. Read more about Apple ID.

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