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Why is my agenda stalled?

If you think your agenda has been processing for a long time without anything happens, then it may be because FirstAgenda is in a waiting position where we await a missing file from your system. The status bar at the top of the detailed agenda list may look like the following:

When we receive files from your DMS, it can normally take up to 30 minutes until we have received and processed all agenda files. In some situations we do not receive all the files to the agenda in the first place. Once we receive your agenda, FirstAgenda is "looking"  for the missing file in up to 50 minutes.

If we still have not received the missing file after 50 minutes, the status will be red next to the file in the list. In this case, you can investigate why the files have not been included in the transfer to FirstAgenda.

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What do i do if there is missing a file:

  • First you can examine that the files are properly attached to your agenda items. Check the files in your DMS.
  • Contact your IT-manager in your organization who have access to look into the source folder where files are stored, before they are transferred to FirstAgenda. In practical terms it must be determined whether the missing files are still in the folder.
  • If it turns out that that the source folder is emptied, feel free to contact us and we will help you further.

If you are impatient and think it takes a long time to get a status of FirstAgenda, then we recommend that you check your agenda in your system. An agenda will normally be ready for release in the FirstAgenda within 30 min.

What to do if the processing of the meeting ends with an error

Read: Why has an error occurred in one or more files?

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