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Why is my agenda not ready yet?

There may be various reasons why the files in your agenda have not been treated or are taking time to be treated.  

Keep an eye on the status at the top of the agenda overview

You can find the status of file transfer at the top of the detail agenda overview. It's the page you come to when you click the orange arrow to the right of the meeting in the "Meeting list".
Here, the status of the files can be either GREEN or RED

If an error has occurred in one or more files, you can find an explanation here

information about file queues

Sometimes, there will be a queue of agenda files being treated. This is because we recieve a lot of data at the same time and we cannot keep up with the treatment of files. This especially happens at busy times, for example Thursday and Friday afternoons. At these times, there will be pressure on our treatment of files and you will have to wait longer than normal before your agendas or minutes are ready to be published in FirstAgenda. 

Keep an eye on operation information

In these situations, there will be a notification at frontpage of FirstAgenda, telling that there is a queue in the treatment of files. There could also be something completely wrong. Keep an eye on our operation information

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