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How do I release an agenda? - with integration

This article describes how you release an agenda in Prepare with an DMS system.

After you publish your agenda in your DMS system, then make sure to release it in Prepare, so the agenda will be available for the meeting participants in Prepare. Usually it takes about fifteen minutes after the release in your DMS system until the agenda is ready in Prepare. You can be notified when the agenda is ready.

HOW to release Agendas in Prepare:

  • click menu Meetings
  • click the orange arrow on the agenda, you want to release

  • You will now see a detailed agenda list that has a progress bar at the top where you can see if your agenda is ready for release. 

  • if there is a green tick on both Files and Processed your agenda is ready for release
  • click on the orange Release button.
  • after you click Release, you'll see a screen with a comment field. Here you have the opportunity to comment on the agenda, you are going to release. The comment will be visible on the meetings frontpage and in the notification mail that the meeting participants receive. If you remove the check mark next to Notify committee members, the meeting participants will not get the notification mail, that the agenda is ready in Prepare. But the notification will still be at the frontpage of the meeting if you have not activated 'Hide history on the frontpage'.

  • first by clicking on Release the agenda is available to the committees members and those will receive the notification.


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