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Why has my agenda failed?

This page explains error messages on the "Show Failed Meetings" page of the meeting list.

Identical agenda

  • Comes up when we have received an agenda or minutes without any visible changes. This can happen e.g. if there has been added text to a document without changes in the meeting’s metadata. The system does not read the actual documents, so it is necessary to also make changes to the meeting’s metadata, or else the agenda will be ignored as we have already seen it all.
  • Solution:
    Make a “visible” change to the agenda, e.g. by adding a space after the “meeting point” and releasing the agenda again.

Missing agenda

  • The agenda or minutes are not visible at any of the meeting overviews.
  • Solution (new team):
    If this is a new team, it is because you have not added yourself to the team as an agenda producer. Add yourself to the team to release the agenda.
  • Solution (older minutes):
    If this is about older minutes, you should remember to set the sorting date at the top of the meeting overview; set the date for the time where the meeting was held. As per standard, the meeting overview shows meetings from 14 days ago and to 3 months from now.

Error in XML

  • The agenda has been loaded with errors or things missing in the XML from the DMS. As an example, this could be because of a missing headline for an item or an appendix.
  • Solution:
    Look through the agenda for missing content. If everything is as it should be, you can try making a “visible” change to the agenda, e.g. by adding a space after the “meeting point” and releasing the agenda again.

One or more files missing

  • The system can’t find the right XML file for the agenda, or the XML file is can’t be read by the system.
  • Solution:
    Make a “visible” change to the agenda, e.g. by adding a space after the “meeting point” and releasing the agenda again.

Error when reading the files

  • One or more documents are missing from the transfer. I.e. the files have not been sent with the transfer from the DMS. It is typically appendices or images that are missing.
  • It might also be because the document contains errors, e.g. if the document is read-only. You can check yourself if the document has an error by opening it. When opening, you will get an error message saying that the document is “read-only”.
  • Solution (missing files):
    Check that all files have been released from the DMS and ends up in the source directory from where the upload client “takes” the files and transfers them to FirstAgenda. If the error comes from an image, it might be because it has been changed location. Remove the image and upload it to the agenda again. Check that the “images” folder in the source directory to the upload client isn’t full, as this could cause a queue. Remove all images from the folder and release again.
  • Solution (error in a document):
    If there is an error in the document, you need to save the document again by opening it and clicking on “Save as”. You can add something like -new to the document name. It is important that you save the document anew, and don’t just rename it. Attach the new document and release the agenda again.

Other errors

  • There could be more reasons for an agenda to fail than the examples named above. If you have unsuccessfully tried to correct the error based on the list above, please contact FiratAgenda Support at and we will help you find out why your agenda is failing.
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