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How do I make political teams historical?

When entering a new election period it is a good idea to get the previous political teams out of the way - without them being inaccessible. With the function Historic team you create an overview for the users and make it easy for re-elected politicians to access notes, shared comments, and material from the previous election period. 

Remember, do not make a team hictoric before you have published the last minutes to the team. 

When you make a team historic we recommend that you at the same time rename the team name så the re-elected politicians can distinguish the new teams from the previous teams. (E.g. rename the "City council" from the current period to "City council 2016-2019"). 

You rename the team name by selecting Team in the left side menu and then select the team that needs a new name. Remember to press Save when you are done. 


Simultaneously while renaming the team it is important that you consider if you want to continue to publish agendas in the same team as in the current period. If you continue to publish to the same team in your DMS (which means that the source-id is the same as today), it would be necessary that we adjust it in FirstAgenda. We can easily do that, but please contat us in time so we can add you to the list of organisations that will be adjusted before the end of the year. Contact FirstAgenda

If you create a new team in your DMS, then you do not need to contact us but can just make previous teams historic and rename them.

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