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Hold your constituent meetings with FirstAgenda

When the new district council has been chosen they should set a timeframe for their consituent meeting. 

Read below, how you apply FirstAgenda for the consituent meeting. 

  • Create the consituent meeting as a team in your DMS
    NB: You can also use your excisting city council commitee for the constituent meeting and then you just do as you normally do.  
  • Release the agenda for the new team - you can create a test agenda for the team in the beginning, so you can make the team visible in FirstAgenda before you publish the current agenda. 
  • Get the rights as agenda producer in the new team and attach all members from the district council to the team. If you do not have the rights as administrator, then contact the administrator and ask for the title as agenda producer in the team. 
    NB: If some of the members are not created in FirstAgenda yet you have to remember to create them and afterwards attach them to the new team. 

When the agenda is ready for the constituent meeting you just do as usual: Publish the agenda and release it in FirstAgenda.

The newly chosen district council now has an available agenda and can prepare for the constituent meeting. 

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