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What does the icons on the users page mean?

On the Users page you can sometimes view variuos icons related to the different users. Here you will get the explanation of each icon. 

 Invitation not used 

A letter icon means that the user is invited to join the organisation but has not used the invitation yet and thereby activated the user. If necessary, resend the invitation to this user by clicking the profile. 

 The user needs to change password 

A yellow exclamation mark icon is an identification of an expired password (passwords automatically expire after XX days) and needs to be changed. It is only the user itself that can change the password by using the “forgot password” function. 

 The user is denied access 

A prohibited icon means that the user is denied access because he/she has typed the wrong password multiple times. The user has to change the password to regain access again. It is only the user itself that can regain access by using the function: “forgot password?”.

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