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Download a list of users

You can download an extract of all your active users in FirstAgenda.

The user list contains first name, last name, email, mobile number and is downloaded in a .csv file. A comma-separated file that boils all data into the same format, separated by commas. It is a simple text format that is used to transfer large amounts of data between different computer programs and between databases. Then you can quickly and easily process data in another application - for example by uploading the file to Outlook for sending a common mail.

You can retrieve the list by clicking "Users" in the left menu and then on the "Print users" link located at the top right of the page.


If you choose to open the .csv file in Excel, all the information will be displayed in the same column. You can separate the information by selecting the column, and then clicking on the "Data" tab and then selecting "Text to Columns". Here, select "Com" as delimiting.

Compared to the stage of formatting, excel at present time has a problem with reading special characters correctly. We are awaiting an update from Microsoft that can solve the problem.

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