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Download extracts of user rights and other logs

If you are an administrator in FirstAgenda, you can download lists of user rights and other logs. This can, among other things, give you an overview of which users have access to closed items (protected materials), and who has logged in to FirstAgenda in the last 30 days. Read more below.

Note: You need to be an administrator in FirstAgenda to access those logs.

Team Access list

Shows a list of all the teams, the users in your organization are registered in. This log also shows which rights the users have in the team (agenda producer, reviewer etc.), the user’s name, work email, personal email, username, user rights and if they are primary or secondary approvers.

User list

This list gives you an overview of all users in your organization, and also contains the users’ names, emails and phone numbers.

Admin list

Shows a list of all administrators in the organization. The list contains the administrators’ full names and emails.

Login list for the last 30 days

This shows you a list of the users’ logins within the last 30 days. This includes login date, the users’ emails and an overview of failed logins. You can also see if the user needs to change their password, if they have been blocked, and when they last changed their password.

If the user is blocked, they need to change their password to be unblocked. You can read more about this in this article: What do I do if my user is blocked?

Protected Material Access list

This list shows you an overview of all users, who have accessed closed items in any team within the last 30 days.

Team grant and revoke log

Shows a list of users, who have been added or removed from a team, and when this has been done.

Where can I download the logs?

Only administrators can download the above logs. You find the logs by clicking on “Settings” in the left menu, then scrolling to the bottom of the page.


The logs will be downloaded as .cvs files. If you choose to open those files in Excel, you might encounter problems with displaying special symbols, such as "æøå". This is a problem with Excel, for which we are waiting for a solution from Microsoft.

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