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How do I make a decision/minute?

You can as an agenda producer add a decision / minute to a item directly in the reading part of the FirstAgenda. You can still create your decision or minute when you create a meeting. You can read more about it here.


  • click Read agendas
  • find the agenda and the agenda item that you want to add a decision to
  • click Add decision at the top left of the agenda item

  • Write your decision in the text editor. Your text is automatically saved.

  • When you are done writing your decision, you need to release your decisions on the frontpage of the agenda
  • Go to the frontpage of your agenda, and click at the button Release combined minute

In the overview you can see which items you have added a decision. This is shown with the text "Decision" followed by an exclamation point.

When you release your decisions, there will be sent an email notification to the meeting participants (if you leave the "Notify team members" with a check mark). Here you have the option of adding an overall comment, and a seperate comment for each decision point. The meeting participants will be able to read the comments on the frontpage of the meeting, where they also can see an overview of which items there are added decisions to.

  • To release the final minute, clik "Release"

Important: As long as you have not released the decision, your meeting participants will not be able to read your decision. However other agenda producers, who are members of the team, can see your decision and make changes in it. 

It is not yet possible to make a decision on the iPad.

It is not possible to add a decision if you use Internet Explorer 9 or older versions.

You can also still create your decision or minutes in the actual creation of the meeting. Read more about how to create an alternative summary here.

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