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How do I make changes in a released agenda?

If you are using a committee with integration, make the changes on the agenda in your DMS, and follow the normal release procedure, then the changed agenda will be transferred to Prepare.
Below you can read how to make changes in meetings you have created manually in Prepare.


If you, after the release of an agenda, want to change the content, you will find the agenda this way:

  • click on Meetings in the left menu, then select the meeting you want to edit
  • click on the Edit button at the far right in the meeting list

  • now you will see the list of agenda items
  • click on the items you want to edit or add more
  • click on Process when you are finished editing the agenda
  • when the agenda is processed, click on Release, and you have now changed your agenda

The 'old' version will be replaced with the new version. Remember not to delete the 'old' version as the meeting participants, in this case, will lose their comments and markings.

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